Appri Custom Technologies

Who We Are

Appri Custom Technologies produces cost-effective and flexible custom Training solutions primarily specializing in simulations for the Maritime sector but with experience in many industries including Flight Training, Driver Training and Robotics. Appri aim to utilize the latest tools and techniques to provide products that can be applied to many different situations to maximize learning potential among today's tech-savvy generations. By choosing from a palette of possible options, including MicroSim a physics based software simulations of systems and controls, a 360 degree Virtual Walkthrough for spatial awareness, compact Hardware for providing tactile feedback, methods of tracking and assessing student performance and an Instructor System for controlling and guiding students, Appri can supply solutions to fit a variety of training needs. The Electrical Trainer shows an example of a bespoke low-cost trainer to fill a specific training need, in this case trouble-shooting electrical issues on a ship.

Established in 2011, Appri has developed a new physics engine for driving simulation mimics, cheap and compact simulation hardware and the ability to port Simulations to both Windows and Android hand-held devices or VR headsets, allowing for flexibility of training delivery methods. By providing low-cost and small-footprint products, Appri can not only reduce the cost of large-scale training rooms but also supplement existing training and simulators to fill additional or missed training needs and provide cost-appropriate options for small and mid-size companies.

Appri is part of the Maritime Advanced Simulation Team (MAST) partnering with Rockwell Collins, Global Simulation, Saint James Marine, and Knud E Hansen to look at common maritime training objectives.

In addition Appri has provided hourly engineering Services to support diverse projects in areas from Airport Support Vehicle Training to the Telecommunications Industry.