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Virtual Walkthrough

Virtual Walkthrough allows students to become familiar with a space in a photo-realistic, immersive environment. This can be used to train new students and cadets to become familiar with a space, or can be connected with various types of information or training. For example, it can be integrated into a full mission simulator requiring students to virtually go to a space before they can interact with the equipment there. This can allow for a more realistic, team-based training scenario, in which the system requires the appropriate amount of time to walk to a location to perform a task, and report back to the team in an engine control room. 

This solution can support multiple custom deployment options, depending on requirements and immersive needs. Once recorded and processed, the content is able to be deployed and used in multiple ways, including VR headsets, mobile Tablets, and large LCD touch monitors. Users are able to interact with the environment in familiar ways, similar to map applications that they have already been exposed to. Content can be recorded and used at up to 8k resolution at 30 FPS, or else 5k resolution at 60 FPS. The recording options selected will be determined by an individual needs analysis. 

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